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Panton kids' chair


                 True confession? I was reminded of this cool kids' chair while searching for Pantone, seeing as how it's color month. But the panton kid's chairs are so colorful, they could actually be associated with the color matching system. Without that silent 'e', though, you've got a mid-century modern classic made just for the kids.


Panton kid's chair


                 The Panton Junior chair is based off the modern adult chair by Verner Panton, but the kids' version is one-quarter the original's size. This chair is a classic of ultra modern design; designed in 1960, it was the first single unit cantilevered chair made of molded plastic. This reproduction of the original is available in at least ten solid colors, many with eye-popping hues, including kelly green, orange, and light blue gloss. The range of colors means that you can find an option for almost any decor. But the bright, vibrant hues can also provide a splash of color in an otherwise more muted room.


Panton Kid's Chair

Panton Kid's Chair



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