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PP Mobler Wegner Flag Halyard Chair by Hans Wegner

 PP225 Flag Halyard Chair

Inspired by Hans Wegner’s original mid-century modern design, this Flag Halyard Chair is both futuristic and retro. The idea for this piece arose from the search for comfort on a hot summer day and resulted in a chair with the perfect angles for relaxation.
— Built with a solid brushed #304 grade stainless steel frame resistant to chipping and flaking.
— Brushed solid stainless steel with powder coated base.
— 240m perfect tension developed flag line true to original design.
— Down feather filled premium leather headrest.
— Long-haired sheepskin.
— Ottoman available.
 Dimensions(cm): 99(W)*120(D)*80(H)
The sturdy stainless steel base has been powder-coated white for added durability as well as visual contrast. Strong halyard cord wraps around the stainless steel frame creating a flexible yet stable seat. The supple aniline leather head cushion adds a touch of luxury to this already incredibly comfortable chair. 
Sailing away, the wide-set and low frame is perfect for an afternoon rest, especially when matched with the comfort of a sheepskin throw and down feather filled headrest.
PP225 Flag Halyard Chair PP225 Flag Halyard Chair
PP225 Flag Halyard Chair PP225 Flag Halyard Chair
Keywords in the article: Inspired by Hans Wegner, this Flag Halyard Chair is both futuristic and retro.

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