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PK31 Two Seater Sofa from Poul Kjaerholm


Poul Kjærholm’s use of industrial methods and materials in the 1960s brought a fresh, graceful, sleek new style to Danish modern design.

The PK31 series from Fritz Hansen's "Poul Kjaerholm collection" exemplifies the quality and minimalist style of Kjaerholm's designs. This series consists of the 1-seater easy chair as well as the PK31 2-seater sofa and PK31 3-seater sofa. The PK31 chair and sofa series combines elegant luxury with comfort. The collection is suitable for any environment, from lounges and waiting areas to private homes.
PK31 2-seater Sofa
The PK31 chair and sofa series is a prime example of Kjaerholm's ability to create furniture that can be tailored to a room and still keep the identity of the single piece of furniture. The PK31 is, in other words, also a self-contained freestanding object and a realization of Kjaerholm's quest to find an ideal form. The PK31 series combines elegant luxury with comfort.  From the smooth curves of the solid metal legs to the hard, beautiful angles of the comfortable leather upholstery, exclusively combined with a matt chromed spring steel base. These PK pieces are precision-crafted for a lifetime of hardy use. Yet their light, open framework makes them works of modern art that will lift any living or working space. 
PK31 3-seater Sofa
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