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Open Your Mind - Color for Your Home Sofa

Every family need a sofa when moving to a new house, and it comes to the choice of color and materials.

There are simply too many grey fabric sofas. You can see the gray fabric sofas that are matched by every household almost everywhere. Because the color matches well, it is durable and resistant to dirt. The only difference is the shape and size. It should be noted that the floor height chooses low style; the space is small and the sofa is small in size, remember to distress the space area and warehouse-style decoration.

grey fabric sofa

The same grey fabric sofa, but with an L-shaped layout. This one must bear in mind that the L-shaped layout should be used with caution when the space is small, because it occupies a larger space, causing the living room to be crowded, and the appearance of the first step fails. The decoration of the sofa can be integrated with the overall style, using pillows or decorative blankets for color embellishment.

The just-needed room adopts a small gray fabric sofa, which is warm in space, and is resistant to dirt in actual use and easy to take care of. Remember to match the actual area.

For apartments with a smaller area, the layout of the living room must follow a minimalist style, otherwise the overall effect will be compromised and it is not practical. For the sofa shape, you can choose a strong sense of line, try not to choose too many curved sides and backrests, it must be visually clean and elegant.

For a large-sized living room and a brighter space, you can choose a relatively dark gray fabric sofa, and at the same time, determine its layout according to the complexity of the TV wall. Highlighting the color of the sofa can stabilize the center of gravity in the living room, thus making the overall style full.

From the above case collocation, you can summarize the choice of sofa and the method of color style: 1. Try not to be greedy, your living room is 30 flat, and you can`t wait to buy 20 flat sofas to stuff it in, distressing the waste of space. Losing is to get more, and the matching is also true. Only by knowing the choices can we achieve a tasteful and reasonable sofa layout. 2. Whether the material is leather or fabric, dark colors must be more heavier than light colors, so other lightweight furniture or color jumps must be used to resolve and dilute 3. Must be willing to invest in furniture, otherwise the decoration foundation must be done Well, the full decoration of rental room furniture will ruin the overall decoration. 4. Furniture investment can be made step by step, and the funds are tight to choose long-term purchase. Don't have to do it in one step, resulting in a decline in taste and quality.


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