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New Developing Product-Poltrona Frau Aster X Lounge Chair

Accoring to the product schedule of Yadea, we're going to develop a series of new product to satisty different clinet's need. And the new product also can be a great stage that was able to show our versatility and adaptability. So we have developed several new product this month which include this special Aster X lounge chair. Let's have a basic understanding about this modern chair.


Leather Aster X Lounge Chair


The classic lounge chair featured a clear-cut, linear cross-over frame forms an X which supports the seat. The armrests are made from stainless steel with a polished finish and the upper part is covered with genuine leather. The seat frame is made from solid wood. The seat and the upper part of the backrest’s springing is made from several spring. Lastly, there is a chair which has the same unusual geometric line as the other pieces, but does not have an X-shaped supporting frame. The feet are a natural extension of the two armrests. 

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