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Modern Sofa Design 2018, Living Room Trends

Talking about modern sofa design, there are many classic leather sofa sets come to our mind, just like the Le Corbusier sofa, widely consider one of the most influential architects of 20th century. But today Yadea want to introduce a newly launched sofa in 2018 for you, and hope you like it.
The Togo sofa, the leather sofa was first manufactured by Yadea in 2018, it was a part of project of a furniture dealer. At first, they didn’t know whether we have the ability to produce perfect sofa for them. After several times communicating, we got the inspiration about how to develop it and make it suitable for family customers.

We wouldn’t talk too much about the technology there, but you could find many shining points from the real photos of this leather sofa. And more and more dealers start to purchase the sofa in 2019. We are going to developing more modern furniture in the new year to satisfy different dealer in different countries.
So if you’re a furniture dealer and plans to sale something new in your market, please play close attention to us, and we believe you can get what you want, especially modern living room sofa.

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