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Mid Century Warren Platner Furniture Platner Gold Plated Armchair
Warren Platner Dining Chair
Design Warren Platner, 1962
Steel wire rod, upholstery
Warren Platner worked with both of the industrial and organic design giants before turning his attention to steel wire furniture, for which he devised the structure and production method. 
In the 1960s, Warren Platner transformed steel wire into a sculptural furniture collection, creating what is now considered a design icon of the modern era. The Platner collection's unique harmonious forms are produced by welding steel wire rods to circular frames, producing a moire effect and capturing the decorative, gentle, graceful quality that Platner sought to achieve.
Distinguised by it's iconic wire base, the soft curvatures of this classic series are finely constructed with detail from reinforced stainless steel rods and welded to horizontal and edge framing wire for a uniquely stable foundation.
All metal components are finished in bright nickel with a clear lacquer protective coating. The Platner collection also includes a side chair, low stool, plus dining side and coffee tables.
Warren Platner Dining Chair
Warren Platner Dining Chair
Platner Gold Plated Armchair
Keywords in the article: In the 1960s, Warren Platner transformed steel wire into a sculptural furniture collection.

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