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Mid-Century Furniture PK24 lounge chair inspired by Poul Kjaerholm


The PK24 lounge chair was originally released in 1965 by Poul Kjærholm. The lounging degree of the Cantilever design adjusts for variable seating degrees. The functional design of Cantilever Lounger was identified in design circles as a "calculated lesson in form and gravity".  

Originally dubbed the hammock chair, the PK24 was Poul Kjærholm’s first adjustable lounge chair. Considered one of the most stunning designs of the mid century era, the Pk24 takes design cues from 3 earlier furniture pieces. The French Chaise lounge (18th century), Thonet’s 7500 Bentwood Rocker (19th century) and the Le Corbusier LC4 Chaise of the 1930’s. The sitting position of PK24 is capable of adjustment and specifically designed to do so using gravity. Poul referred to the mechanical design concept as the “neutral-equilibrium principle”. The adjustments in lounging position are possible from the combination of gravity, the users own weight and the friction created by the notched rails intersection with the frame pieces. To date, the PK24 is considered by many to be one of Poul’s most brilliantly functional architectural furniture designs. The design of the pillow headrest was a micro of the overall macro design. Using gravity and leather straps, it perches unattached across the top of the lounge with the functioning pillow on one side and a stainless steel counterbalance bar on the back.
PK24 Lounge Chair
The Yadea reproduction of the PK24 is a premium exacting reproduction of the original crafted using the finest materials. It is upholstered entirely of Pure Top Grain Aniline Leather. The frame is constructed using a heat molded, solid, raw stainless steel frame. No detail was overlooked in reproducing the original, down the cross body stitching design in the leather surface. If you are considering a mid century modern piece that classifies as unique, functional and artistically brilliant, the PK24 deserves consideration.
PK24 Lounge Chair
Custom Furniture Factory:
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