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Master of modern classic furniture in Interior Design

     Many master's programs accept students with undergraduate degrees in almost any subject. Some schools prefer applicants with bachelor's degrees in criminal justice or related fields. The technical and theoretical studies may be geared toward training for managerial and administrative roles within law enforcement agencies.

     Some programs require seminars or other hands-on projects outside the classroom, as well as work in the police field. If you're currently employed, many programs offer classes at night and on weekends.

Pros and Cons
The degree is flexible, preparing you for a variety of positions, such as policing or leadership roles
You can prepare for advanced training, including a law degree or teaching credential
Graduates could have an edge in their job search among other students trained in policing, since many jobs in law enforcement require an undergraduate degree
May not lead to jobs with high enough pay to justify the cost of the degree*
On-the-job experience may be weighed more favorably than advanced education in police work*
Some career paths lead to dangerous or strenuous work environments*

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