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Lounge Sofas Biotop Sofa from Jesper Holm


Inspired by Jesper Holm, this sofa holds true to his belief that pieces should fulfill a function with the help of a simple and logical shape. Jesper Holm is known for the outstanding quality of his furniture, something that can also be found in the Jesper Holm Biotop Sofa. 

The Jesper Holm Biotop Sofa is a high quality reproduction of Jesper Holm's original. Offering impeccable accuracy and attention to detail, this modern sofa has the type of aesthetics that instantly please. Even the most selective will be impressed by this truly stunning sofa. 
This sofa can be upholstered in a wide variety of leathers and fabrics. The Jesper Holm Biotop Sofa's seat is perfectly complemented by a polished stainless steel frame. 
the simplistic Jesper Holm 3 seater sofa is a visually interesting and sophisticated addition to any living room. Comfortable, ergonomic and classy, the sofa proves to be the spirit of both indoor and outdoor décor arrangements.
Jesper Holm Biotop Sofa
Keywords in the article: The simple Jesper Holm 3 seater sofa is an interesting and sophisticated addition to any livingroom.

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