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Le CorbusierLC2 vs LC3

     The Le Corbusier LC2 is designed in the distinct International Style, inspired by architect Le Corbusier for a historical fine art exposition, the 1929 Salon d'Automne.

     The Le Corbusier LC2 is the ultimate relaxing machine.  It was originally designed as a modernist response to the traditional club chair by providing the ultimate comfort and good design. Corbusier sofa replica is the perfect way to relax in your home or office.


     Elegant yet amazingly comfortable, the leather sofa provides style and graceful support in one durable design.

     Available in a variety of comfort designs from 1 Seater Black Leather sofa to 3 Seater Black Leather sofa.

     The Le Corbusier LC3 is a version from another famous LC2 serie from Le Corbusier. This Le Corbusier LC3 is known as Le Corbusier’s “Women’s-chair”. Being lower, wider and cushioned tighter than the LC2 armchair the LC3 is an alternative or even a complement to the “Armchair of the century”. As the LC2 armchair the LC3 is also an inherent part in modern home decor. The feature that sets the LC sofas apart from the rest is its external frame. Rather than being on the sofa interior as found in conventional designs, the steel frame of the LC Sofa is placed on the outside and outlines the shape of the couch.





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