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Le Corbusier LC2 2 Seat Sofa


LC2 sofa is a well recognized modernist icon originally designed in 1928 for the Maison La Roche house in Paris. LC2, like the original design was revolutionary in its making. The entire armchair is built around the cushions with a metal exoskeleton wrapped around them.  It is no surprise that originally LC2 was appropriately dubbed “cushion baskets.”

The low profile mono height arm and back create a lineal cubed appearance. A stainless steel exoskeleton wraps from the front of the arms coimpletely around to the back. A base metal frame and reinforced seat platform support the underside. The multidensity foam cushions are wrapped in Dacron. Its not just the front of the LC2 that is attractive, the metal frame work means design detail from the sides and back allow for easy placement even in the middle of a room. Often used in commercial and residential settings, the seating comfort level of LC2 standard is firm. 
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LC2 Sofa
Custom Furniture Factory:
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Keywords in the article: LC2 sofa, designed by Le Corbusier in 1929, remains one of the most recognized furniture designs.

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