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LC4 Chaise Longue inspired by Charles Le Corbusier

     Le Corbusier’s career spanned fifty years, and his designs are some of the most easily recognisable and respected in the furniture industry. Upholstered in top grain premium synthetic leather / cowhide combined with polished chrome tubular steel, this Replica LC4 Chaise Longue chair is made to the same specifications of the original design, combining comfort with charming minimalism.
     The LC4 Chaise Longue chair is a luxurious design classic from the early 20th century, which Charles Le Corbusier himself called the "ultimate relaxing machine." The elegant piece became a core element of Charles Le Corbusier's furniture line and has remained at the forefront of style to this day. The design outline embraces the natural contours of the human body and the padded upholstery adds to the ergonomic comfort. The reliable structure is comprised of geometrically sculpted steel tubes, which will be the focal point in any environment.
     TheLC4 Chaise Longue chair is available in classic or premium leather in several colors. The adjustable round neck roll is made from high quality leather filled with down. The lounger rests on a chromed-steel upper frame, which can double as a luxurious rocker, and the entire structure is supported by a black-painted steel base.

LC4 Chaise Longue chair

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