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Knoll Sofa,less gorgeous ,more elegant


The Florence Knoll Sofa have no much more decoration on the surface, looks so simple, it is a modern classic sofa. The materials of the Florence Koll Sofa are including Solid wood inner frame; polished chrome outer frame; variable density foam cushions; Spinney beck Volo full-grain, semi-aniline leather upholstery.


Florence Knoll Sofa


The Florence Knoll Sofa, Chair and Loveseat is a design icon. The original design was conceived in 1956 by Florence Knoll, a world class architect and designer. It is a relatively simple design as it was originally meant to complement the classic innovations of Saarinen and Alberto. The Knoll philosophy of furniture design solves practical and aesthetic design problems. The philosophy results in minimalist beauty, lasting durability and luxurious comfort in one complete package.


Florence Knoll Sofa


It is well known that Knoll studied and collaborated with Mies Van Der Rohe. Knoll designed the classic trio using a durable stainless steel frame with minimal materials. Cubic cushions featuring compressed buttons in a purposeful and logical layout provide style and comfort to the supporting thin armed, minimalist frame. Do you notice the similarities in design philosophy to the Mies Van der Rohe’s Barcelona Chair? The Florence Knoll Sofa, Love and Chair is becoming even more popular as its minimalist yet functional design fits perfectly into todays modern home. 


Florence Knoll Sofa


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