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Is the LC3 Sofa Comfortable?

     Many people may just see the LC3 sofa online but didn’t touch the sofa and sit down on the sofa neither .So they may want to ask is the LC3 sofa comfortable? That’s the question ,I can give you the answer .
Take the LC3 sofa produced by China Yadea as an example ,let’s see the materials and workmanship .
• Our Le Corbusier LC3 sofa is a high quality reproduction in the style of the original design.
•  Available with Armchair,two seat sofa, and three seat sofa.
•  100% genuine Full Grain Aniline leather and Italian leather.
•  Polished Stainless Steel frame.
•  Multi-density, CA-117 compliant cushions wrapped in Dacron polyester batting; Reinforced bottom seat cushions for firm, long-lasting comfort.
•  nylon webbing.
•  Adjustable leveling floor protecting foot-caps.
•  This replica is true to the original design specifications. We use an independent quality control auditor to supervise the entire production process; ensuring every product is of the highest quality and has absolutely no imperfections.
Now ,no need more words you can know whether the LC3 sofa comfortable .

LC3 sofa

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