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Introduction of Eames Lounge Chair by Yadea


As we all know Eames lounge chair is well known, and people are also fond of this classic lounge chair. So whether it is on the screen or in real life, you always can see the chair.
As a manufacturer specializing in the production of modern classic furniture, Yadea has accumulated decades production experience in this industry, and Eames lounge chair replica is our hot selling product. Yadea also has a good reputation and established a good brand image, so if you want to buy high quality Eames lounge chair replica, please contact with us.

This time, I mainly want to briefly introduce our products to some consumers who want to buy our Eames chair, so that they can have a basic understanding of the Eames lounge chair we produce, so that they can buy in the future, and even can cooperate with other manufacturers. for comparison. We can confidently say that our Eames lounge chair replica is absolutely top notch.
There are two versions of the Eames lounge chair we produce, which are the well-known regular version and the high-back version. The main difference between them is the size of the waist and headrests. The waist and headrests of the high-back version are wider. 3cm, other places are the same, so you can choose according to your own needs, of course, the high-back version of the chair will be more expensive.
Then there is the plywood of the chair, which is also divided into 3 kinds of materials, including palisander, walnut, and oak. These three kinds of plywood have obvious and intuitive differences. Their colors, textures and visual senses are all different, which can also be reflected in the matching of the leather color of the seat cushion. Different styles, the most classic is palisander with black leather. Of course, these are personal subjective feelings, and we can also provide different materials and colors to meet different space collocations and personal preferences.

Another point that everyone tends to overlook is the feet of the chair, mainly in terms of color selection. Generally, the default is black paint feet, which is also the most classic color scheme. In fact, white feet with white leather and oak is also a very beautiful match, it looks very elegant, and can also form a good match with simple modern furniture.
Some other details about the Eames lounge chair will be discussed later, and some related purchase tips in this issue hope to play a certain role in your purchase.


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