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Imola Lounge Chair丨Supreme Leisure

When the holiday came, traveling is a kind of wholesome activity, but some people would like to stay at home quietly, and read some books. After all we have worked for a long time, which make us exhausted and don't want to go anywhere. Nevertheless, it's also not comfortable to sit on the stiff chair or lie on the sofa the whole day, even feel aching over time, i think we all know this bad feeling.

Are there any tools or furniture that can help you solve the trouble? Actually a lounge chair can let it come ture, we learn little about lounge chair in China, which is a small part in Chinese Furniture, the traditional wood chaise lounge can be regarded as a lounge chair to some extent. But most of current home decoration style are European, so does the furniture. And i would like to introduct a classic stylish lounge chair for you.


Imola lounge chair


Imola lounge chair, designed by well-known Henrik Pedersen. This leather lounge chair is perfect, both in the whole design and materials collocation. It will the most attractive furniture in your room, and take your home furnishing quality to another level. Of course, as a popualr classic model, the imola chair can not just be normal chair, you could regard it as a kind of chair  with supreme leisure which can provide incomparable comfortable experience for you. The inspiration of the chair is derived from the section of ball, you will have a feeling of surrouding when lying on it, and the proper radian of seat allow you to lie on the chair easily and relaxed. The Imola lounge belongs to simple style furniture, so you could place it anywhere in your house. And if you want to soak up the sun or have a breath of fresh air, the balcony and yard are also good choice.  So do you love this special Imola chair?


leather lounge chair

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