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How to distinguish the Real and Fake Barcelona Chair?


                    Red this artilce you will know how to distinguish the Real and Fake Barcelona Chair by yourself.


Real and Fake Barcelona Chair

Real and Fake Barcelona Chair

                    1:  Measure the dimensions of the chair with a tape measure, as fakes are often smaller or simply disproportional. An authentic Barcelona chair should be 30 inches high, 30 inches deep, 29.5 inches wide, with a seat height of 17 inches.

                    2:  Examine the back legs of the chair. One of them should bear a stamp upon the metal that says "Knoll Studio" and next to it the signature of Ludwig Mies van der Rohe. A chair missing these engravings is a guaranteed fake.

                    3:  Touch and look at the leather. The leather should feel soft and supple, not rigid and inflexible. It should also be completely matte; shiny leather is often a sign of a fake.

                    4:  Check the price. The official price for a new Barcelona chair is $4,083 for one with a chrome plated frame and $6,235 for one with polished silver. You can get vintage chairs at auction for as low as $3,000, but anything priced lower than that is most likely inauthentic.


knockoff barcelona chair and Herman Miller barcelona chair

knockoff barcelona chair and Herman Miller barcelona chair 

                    I am not so sure that it is fake but it is definitely too cheap for the Real Barcelona Chair. I have a Fake Barcelona Chair and ottoman from China Yadea that differs from the Knoll original barcelona chair with a different style and number of metal feet. Some of the other hardware is different, too. It is also very comfortable. Many people like the Fake Barcelona Chair.

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