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How to Clean A Fabric Lounge Chair

Many clients who have bought fabric lounge chair or sofa from Yadea may email us to ask for help about how to clean a fabric chair. There is always accident, don’t let tough stains and messy spills cramp your style. Here are some basic tips, please process your chair step by step.

1. Find the stains quickly. The longer the stains stay, the tougher to clean it.
2. Choosing the suitable detergent for your fabric lounge chair base on the cleaning codes.

Cleaning Code for Fabric Lounge Chair Chart

Cleaning Code

What it Means


Only use a water-based cleaner to clean the upholstery


It’s safe to use both olvents and water-based cleaner


Only use a solvent to clean the upholstery


Fabric_Lounge_Chair_for_living room

3. Dry brush and vacuum are good helper that can help loosen stains and bring dust and dirt to the surface. Some troublesome stains can be cleaned easily by this way with vacuum.
4. Baking soda is a strong and effective cleaning treatment, especially for those further loosen stains and odors. If you are unsure if it falls within the recommendation or damage to your upholstery, you could choose a small area as a test.
5. Please use soft towel to dry your fabric lounge chair, or just let the chair air dry.

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