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How does sofa match with home style?

Sofa is the core of living room,nowadyas there are wide range of sofa on the market,and dazzling style.So how to deel with your sofa?It should be combined whole home style.Please allow me to give you some brief introduction.

The living room of American style usually have large space,you can place a big concise American sofa,which can add strong American atmosphere to your living room.
American style sofa
Sofa of boreal Europe style is more suitable for simple stly home,and a relatively transparent space. 
Fabric sofa is the favorite of young man.Simplicity and clean are essential element of concise home style.
fabric sofa
Leather sofa is a important element for building quality life.Leather sofa,chair and end table make people more impressive.The simple design of sofas create comfortable and stress free environment.
leather sofa
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