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How can I buy furniture direct from manufacturers in the china ?


            I heard that furniture is oftentimes sourced and made in China. I was wondering how to go about finding reputable wholesale dealers that could ship furniture to me for a home.


Yadea manufacturer

            Some years ago, I had to go to Yadea, China. They had many dearlers all over the world. So Yadea would be a good starting point, plus, in speaking with them, they had transportation available and made weekly trips throughout the China. People would buy there and then have it shipped to their front doors at home.


Yadea manufacturer waiting room

            I'm not real familiar with the prices of furniture, but the group that I went with said that the prices were cheap as compared to what they paid for similar pieces at home.


Yadea showroom

Yadea showroom


             How can I buy furniture direct from manufacturers in the china ? yes, you can have a look China Yadea ,they will help u answer your any question.



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