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How to Pick a Sofa Color for Your Living Room


A sofa can be a comfortable and versatile item of furniture, and is an ideal addition to a family room, which is typically used for relaxing or recreation. While there are many aspects of the sofa to take into account when selecting one, such as material and style, the color of the sofa is equally important. Color can influence how easy it is to care for the sofa as well as how comfortable it makes your family room.

If you have young children, this can influence your choice of color for a family room sofa. Your children will most likely want to play or invite friends into a family room, and you and your family may eat in the room. If this is the case, then tracked-in dirt, spills and accidents are almost certain, and you'll want to make cleaning those accidents and keeping your sofa attractive as easy as possible. Browns, grays and dark colors will hide dirt and stains easily, extending your sofa's new and tidy look.

Neutral colors, such as beige or gray, are easy to match with many colors and types of decor, which can make them particularly appealing when choosing furniture. You may need the sofa to go well with many types of decor over time. You may also want to repaint the room, and a sofa that is of a more neutral color will match the new colors more easily. Pastels or colors that are not very vivid can also be easy to match. To make neutral colors more interesting, add colorful decorative pillows or similar items that are easy to swap.

While it may not seem like it, the size and location of your family room can make a difference in what colors are desirable. Many family rooms are large spaces that allow for a variety of activities. However, if yours is not, you'll benefit from staying away from dark or rich colors, which can make your sofa look larger and more overwhelming. Light colors are also useful in rooms that are particularly dark or have a large number of windows. Some family rooms are in less desirable parts of the house, such as the basement, and a light colored sofa will make the room feel less dim and enclosed. In a room with a lot of windows, light colors will show fading less readily.

When selecting a couch for your family room, the comfort of the couch will be one of the most important considerations. You'll also want to be sure that it's durable and will last your family for a long time. It's best to avoid patterns for just this reason, as patterns can date the couch and turn it into an eyesore over time. Similarly, avoid trendy colors or colors that are very vivid or unusual, as these can also date the sofa rather quickly.

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