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How to Clean the Sofa

The sofa at home is always so dirty, which is an unchangeable fact. The surface of the sturdy sofa will be covered with mud marks by pets, the spilled beverage will leave unsightly marks, and the residue of potato chips can always be found in the cracks. If you choose the right product for cleaning, then the sofa in our home will not become unclean. So today I will tell you how to clean the sofa. I hope we can master the cleaning skills when cleaning up the sofa at home.


1. How to clean up the suede sofa

Move the sofa outside with wooden sticks and gently pat the suede with a small wooden stick. Some floating dust on the sofa will be slapped off and blown away with the wind, and the sofa will naturally be clean. Wet towel wiping method If the suede sofa at home is not easy to move, you can dip the towel in water and wring it dry. Wipe the surface of the suede sofa with a wrung wet towel, and the dust will be stained by the wet towel. The tape sticking method uses transparent wide tape to stick to the dusty area of ??the suede sofa. Remove the tape gently, and the dust will stick to the tape. Of course, this method is more suitable for a large amount of dust on the part, compared to the first two methods. A little troublesome

2. Cleaning method of fabric sofa

When the fabric sofa is sprayed with antifouling agent and replaced with a new fabric seat cover, a layer of fabric antifouling agent can be sprayed on the surface of the fabric cover to reduce the dust contamination of the fabric sofa. Cover sofa towels Cover sofa towels in areas where the sofa is easier to get dirty, such as cushions, armrests, and heads; when the above areas are dirty, you only need to wash the sofa towels. Vacuum cleaner method Use a vacuum cleaner to clean the fabric sofa regularly, which can effectively clean the sofa. The sofa cover of the cloth art sofa by cleaning method can be cleaned, but do not wash frequently, the fabric fades, shrinks, deforms, etc., try to clean it with detergent once a year and clean it thoroughly.

3. How to clean up the leather sofa
If the surface of the leather sofa with dry cloth is stained with floating dust, just wipe the surface gently with a clean towel to wipe off the dust. Leather glazing method Leather sofa will feel black after using it for a long time. You can wipe the sofa twice with a clean soft towel dipped in clean water. When it dries quickly, apply leather glazing agent evenly on the surface of the sofa leather to make the sofa surface bright. like New.

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