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How to Choose the Perfect Bar Stool Height?

There`s nothing more annoying than sitting on a stool that`s the wrong height. Too short, and you feel like a Hobbit, too high and you`re knocking your knees. Besides being super uncomfortable, a too short, or too tall stool is not the greatest look. To help navigate the modern stools department for bar and counter stools, here`s a little how-to–FAQ-style–to help you pick the right stool for your space.


Q: What`s the standard counter height and counter stool height?

A: Counter heights and their stools are typically lower than bar stools, but not that low! The standard counter height is 34-39 inches high, so a counter stool should have a seat height 24-29 inches tall. This allows the average-sized person to have plenty of space between their legs and the counter without having to sit awkwardly low.

Q: What`s the standard bar height and bar stool height?

The standard bar height is a little different, averaging around 40-46 inches from the ground. To compensate for this slightly taller type of table, you should pick a bar stool with a seat height that`s 30-36 inches.

Q: What`s the ideal distance between a stool and countertop or bar table?

While you can pick your counter and bar stools based on averages, it`s always better to go the extra mile and draw your own measurements. So, start by measuring your bar or counter from floor to the underneath of the bar top. And it never hurts to measure twice, just to be as accurate as possible.

After you`ve measured, you can pick the right stool height by subtracting 10 inches from your counter height. Doing this will give you ample room from the seat of the stool to the bottom of the countertop. To get the perfect stool height, measure from the floor to the seat.

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