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How Long Does a Sofa Last?

There is not a exact answer about this question, because it involves many factors. The most important of them are the quality of sofa and its daily upkeep. Let's talk about how to maintain our sofa this time. Here are some of suggestions for making your couch last longer


Florence konll sofa

(1) Keep it out of the sun, as the sun will fade fabric sofa, and suck the moisture out of leather ones, which can lead to cracking.

(2) Keep the fabric of an upholstered sofa clean and vacuum under the cushions, on the backside, and on the underside, as stains or lost Craisins can add to the wear and tear of the fibers.

(3) Clean the couch legs. If they are metal, wipe them down with sudsy warm water, but avoid those alcohol-based spray cleaners, which can break down the metal or coating. “If they're wooden legs, oil them to keep them in good condition," says Litwin, “so they will be less likely to chip or crack."


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