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Great Lobby Furniture Solutions to Impress

     When visitors walk into almost any business establishment, the lobby is usually the first thing they see. A room filled with guest chairs and fancy tables may seem like a small thing when you look at the whole picture, but it is the first impression your business will make on someone, and you can never re-do a first impression... or can you? Actually, the best thing about interior design is that its always changing. Why not keep your lobby up to date with all the coolest furniture to impress your clients? And if you don't have a lobby, or are in need of one, this is definitely the right place to start!
Reception Desks
If your lobby is looking downright drab and everyone can see it, the best place to spruce things up is in the reception desks! Reception desks often make great focal points in lobbies because they are usually the largest piece of furniture, and they are the first place guests will head to when they enter the establishment. Choosing stylish reception desks is super easy because manufacturers know they are an important feature of great lobby furniture and waiting room furniture solutions nationwide. There are always going to be fabulous modern reception desks for sale with glorious chrome, glass, or wood accents that will look great in just about any lobby, rain or shine! As if that weren't enough, reception desks are made to fit in almost any room, with curved reception desks that can give a regal, open feel to any lobby, as well as small reception desks for business owners tight on square footage. Just remember that, whatever you choose, these great desks will always be there to welcome your clients and leave them with a fabulous first impression they won't soon forget!
Guest Chairs

Now of course, a quintessential part of any lobby is going to be the seating. Making sure your clients have comfortable guest chairs to sit in is an extremely important part of keeping an up-to-date lobby, but no worries! Finding what you need is easier than you think, and probably much more affordable too! What you choose for your guest seating solution should depend largely on the rest of your decor. Of course, you could choose your chairs first and then create the rest of the lobby around them, but the good thing about lobby seating is that guest chairs almost always come in tons of colors so its much easier to match them to existing decor. Consider how long your guests tend to sit in the chairs in your lobby. If they sit on average more than twenty minutes its a good idea to get comfy chairs like reception sofas or even a few love seats if guests tend to come in pairs, while beam seating solutions are better options for short sit-times. Also consider activity level. If your lobby is a place of high activity, stacking guest chairs are a wonderful choice as they can be piled up and moved out of the way if need be. On the other hand, luxury leather guest chairs are better is they are going to remain stationary.
Guest Tables

An extremely important piece of furniture that is often absent from lobbies are tables. Unfortunately, this can be a detrimental mistake. Not only do lobby tables help to tie in the rest of the furniture, but they also provide a place to set pamphlets about your business, a place for your guests work on laptops if they wish, and also a place to set magazines, books, or beverages while your guests are waiting so they don't end up in chairs or forgotten on the floor. As you can see, adding a few solid tables to your lobby can make all the difference in your guest's waiting experience. Anytime you are thinking about adding a lobby or waiting room or updating your current guest arrangements, never forget to include some waiting room tables to fill the space between chairs. The best kinds of tables for the job are cool coffee tables and space-filling versatile end tables to make your guests all the more comfortable.
Reception Furniture Sets

If you're still unsure about how to go about decorating or updating your lobby, never fear! Manufacturers know that decorating can be a tough and tedious process for those who don't particularly enjoy it, and they've come up with a solution. For those worried about ruining their decor, affordable reception furniture sets are the perfect thing. In every furniture set, the furniture needed for each room is preselected and designed to compliment one another, so you will never have to worry about clashing colors and eclectic disasters. Reception furniture sets will include everything you need (minus the magazines - you'll have to get those yourself!) to make your lobby a fabulous first impression. In all lounge furniture sets for lobbies, guest chairs, office desks, tables, and stands all work in perfect harmony! All you have to do is sit back in one of your ergonomic office chairs and rest assured that all your guests are perfectly taken care of!

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