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Fritz Hansen Replica Furniture Arne Jacobsen Swan Chair


The swan chair was originally designed in 1958 for use throughout the Amsterdam Royal Hotel, designed by the same architect. It  is an example of a classic furniture design inspired by the movement to adapt organic forms into our interior spaces. Appropriate to its name, the chair resembles and artful representation of the curves of the largest native North American bird.


Arne Jacobsen Swan Chair
The swan chairs distinguished shape was created by omitting all straight lines from its design curved surfaces. The elegant shape is generous for lounging yet has a minimal airy appearance whilst it is mid century modern in design and represents the era with its revolutionary form.
Fritz Hansen Swan Chair
To these days, the piece including its stitching is hand created primarily due to its unique curvatures. Reproducing the original form in curve and proportion is part of the quality story aside from materials used in premium reproductions.  
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Yadea has been receiving many customers's requirement about furniture customization. These customers find Yadea through the local agencies. Because the goods in stock can not satisfy their requirements. So, Yadea open up a new product line about customization to offer best service.
Leather Swan Chair Sofa
Keywords in the article: The swan chair was originally designed in 1958 for use throughout the Amsterdam Royal Hotel.

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