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Fine Leather LC Sofa Series, black popular


          The Le Corbusier sofa set series was originally designed in 1928 for the Maison La Roche house in Paris. The design is the modernist response to the traditional club chair. LC3 comes in a smaller version referred to as the LC2, but with a larger version, considered more appropriate for practical living purposes. Remarkably comfortable, Le Corbusier often referred to the pieces as cushion baskets. A striking feature of the LC3 is the externalized metal frame supporting the base, extending as the legs and running the entire length of the piece. It’s not just the front of the LC3 that is attractive, the metal frame work means design detail from the sides and back allowing for easy placement even in the middle of a room.


Le Corbusier Sofa

Le Corbusier Sofa


          Le Corbusier sofa with one seat/Loveseat/three seats, win quality and highly detailed reproduction of the original from YADEA.

Le Corbusier Sofa LC4

Le Corbusier Sofa LC4

          Le Corbusier chair rediscovered for outdoors.Source credible suppliers in China. Free services. It may be unwise to meddle with perfection, but the China furniture company Yadea has taken a chance anyway, releasing an outdoor version of the LC4 sling chair.



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