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Eileen Gray Daybed In Premium Black Aniline or Italian Leather


The Eileen Gray Daybed was originally designed in 1925 for Madame Talbot's apartment in Paris, but was later used at the Designer's own home in Roquebrune in southern France. The Day Bed is rightly counted among the most famous designs in 20th century. It is enchantingly beautiful, accessible from all sides and a pleasing sight from every perspective. It is the ideal showpiece to be placed freely in a spacious room.

The Eileen Gray Daybed is directly attributed to the work Eileen Gray accomplished while commissioned by fashion designer Suzanne Talbot for her Parisian apartment. The Eileen Gray Daybed is considered the turning point for Gray in her formal and expressive language. The Eileen Gray Daybed is another example of Gray's affluent take on the stark modernist aesthetic. Until her death, Eileen Gray was fairly unrecognized for most of her career, but is now regarded as one of the most influential 20th century designers and architects. Eileen Gray will be remembered for her unique ability to design furniture using a wide variety of materials. Her use of wood, steel glass and lacquer to create geometrically abstract objects was brilliant.
Eileen Gray Daybed

95% of the worlds leather is classified as Standard Grain leather also known as “Grain Corrected” leather. Grain corrected “genuine leather” is the most common and moderate priced leather for furniture and footwear. It is produced using hides that require what the industry terms, “Grain Correction”. Standard is topical dyed, meaning the color is applied over the top of the leather. The color does not go all the way through the leather. Grain Correction, is a process in which various areas of the raw leather which contain imperfections in appearance are coated with polymer and then an artificial grain is stamped, thus “correcting the grain”.
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Eileen Gray Daybed
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