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Egg Chair Reproduction and Swan Chair Reproduction


                   The Reproduction Egg Chair is a marvel of modern design. It adds sophistication and style to the interiors of any kind of space. So when you consider decorating options, don’t forget the Reproduction Egg Chair. The only tiny hiccup in your plans might be the fact that the original pieces are fairly expensive. If that is where matters stand, the right thing to do might be to consider buying an egg chair reproduction or a replica. The day of inferior and “cheap” knock-offs is long gone. These days, the replicas are of the best level of quality and durability, and there is no substantial difference from the original, except, of course, in the price.

                   Whenever you need to buy an Egg Chair Reproduction the best thing to do is to do a little bit of research so that you can find the right chair for you. Invest a little time and attention in doing some searching. Whether on the internet or off it, you can find a world of information about the replicas that are available. Check out the specifications and the design parameters. Chances are that the jacobsen egg chair reproduction you are looking for and planning to buy will have only minor differences in size, shape, materials and specifications from the original design of Arne Jacobsen. So why spend a huge amount of money on just one piece of furniture? Get a Egg Chair Reproduction and save a lot of money while maintaining the overall tone that you were aiming for in your decor.

                   The Swan chair Reproduction by Arne Jacobsen was first displayed in Paris in 1957 and the reproduction swan chair is beginning produce by Yadea in 1998.

                   Flowing contours of organic form are gracefully depicted with Arne Jacobsens Reproduction Swan Chair design. Introduced by Jacobsen in 1958 for the Royal Hotel, Copenhagen project, the design is decidedly popular today where it may be found in numerous upper market home and commercial furnishing appointments.
True to the original design, our Reproduction Swan Chair is constructed from a solid one piece fibreglass inner shell, surrounded by multi density polyurethane foam padding and covered with a pure wool textured fabric. The base of the chair is constructed of solid cast aluminium with rubber gliders.


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