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Egg Chair Gift Ideas


              Egg Chair Gift Ideas is good for our young people. It is very cool.

              Do you have an Egg Chair obsessed relative or designer in your family?  What better way to fuel to obsession that to get them some handcrafted Egg Chair inspired art?

Egg Chair Gift Ideas

Egg Chair Gift Ideas

              A community craft site site called Etsy sells handmade goods from thousands of artists and that includes plenty of Mid-Century modern arts and crafts, After a little of digging I was able to find a handful of items made specifically to honor the Arne’s Egg Chair in all its glory.  A few of the examples include a pendant necklace, a custom Egg chair pillow all the way down to more expected custom prints.


Arne’s Egg Chair

Arne’s Egg Chair

              View the complete Egg Chair art and gift idea collection here and make sure your loved one knows that you are well aware of their design obsession and all its many paths.

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