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Egg Chair-Functionalism and Aesthetics


We use furniture every day,maybe it is too close to us,so often ignore it.Actually every furniture was animate.It contains current thinking of mainstream art and emotion that need people to enjoy.

Talking about modern design,i believe that everyone shall count it as a personal favour,because this era is the closest to us,we can get inspiration easier."Function"and "Beauty" has always been two main thems of modern design in 1920s-1930s.Egg chair is the synthesis of all these idea that designed by Arne Jacobsen in 1958.

egg chair

In design field,the charm of classics resides in that it still shine brightly afther the baptism of time.For example,the egg chairs,as nearly half a century passed,which still were popular among people all over the world.

In some sense,egg chairs represent the design idea with functionalism of Nordic.Wheter its shape,section or the design,all these conduct make the lines shape more softer,and give it dynamic beauty.

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