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Do you really know the LC4 Chaise Longue ?


                       The chaise longue, or something approximating to it, can be dated back as far as the ancient civilisations. Everyone can picture the archetypical toga-clad figure lounging around in luxury and indulging in a grape or two. The basic idea of a chair that one can lie on has survived through the centuries to become a multiple variations of this ever-popular piece of French style furniture today.Yadea"s production of Le Corbusier Lounge Chair LC4  designs is protected by an exclusive, worldwide rights license drawn up in 1964, when the Master was still alive, granted by the Fondation Le Corbusier and the co-authors.

                       The modern use of the chaise longue covers a whole range of different types of furniture, from a simple steel patio lounger, to the most beautiful and magnificent original antiques. Thankfully, there are now some fabulous reproductions of classic French furniture available, upholstered in both traditional and modern fabrics.

                       If you're looking for a majestic piece of furniture that is both contemporary and timeless then a wonderful piece of modern classic furniture is the perfect choice. It will be a wonderful investment that can fit in with many different interior design styles and will elevate your room into a work of art that looks stylish and elegant, yet is also a nod to the past.

Le Corbusier Lounge Chair LC4


Le Corbusier Lounge Chair LC4




                       Our LC4 is made from the finest materials. Wholesale Le Corbusier Lounge Chair LC4 in High Quality with competitive price, we are the top 5 Furniture manufacturers and Suppliers in China. Modern factory deals with wholesale and customized service as well.





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