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De Sede DS-60 Sofa 2-seater in Leather and Stainless Steel


The D-60 sofa is designed by Gordon Guillaumier of DS-60 Collection. “The purist form of a boomerang, with its daring yet elegant lines, was the inspiration behind my preliminary concept for the DS-60.” Designer Gordon Guillaumier transformed this initial idea into a fully-fledged modern sofa whose slim, airy shape allows it to fit harmoniously into both contemporary and elegantly classic environments. 

The Poul Kjarholm PK31 two seats sofa

PK31 two seats sofa

Purist design as the basis for a modern sofa concept. Exquisite hand-crafted details, such as the visible decorative seams of its leather-clad armrests further enhance the elegance of the design. The stainless steel of its frame also fully reflects de Sede’s customary high standard of quality. The gentle creasing of the leather softens the model’s rather austere lines and gives the sofa a light informal look.
Poul Kjarholm PK31 Armchair and PK31 3-Seat Sofa are also available from Yadea Furniture Factory.
PK31 Armchair/Sofa
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