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Danish Design Furniture FK 82 X-Chair by Fabricius & Kastholm

FK 82 X-Chair 

Design Jorgen Kastholm & Preben Fabricius, 1968

Aniline leather, chrome-plated steel


W: 31.9" L: 29.9" H: 31.5" 

Seat H: 15"


Lounge chair in analin leather with frame in chrome-plated steel. FK 82 X -Chair is designed by Preben Fabricius & Jorgen Kastholm in 1968 and original produced by Kill International Germany.


The chair is typical of the duo's minimalist designs, which often combine steel and leather. It features a chrome-plated steel frame that supports a leather seat and backrest. Armrests formed by the bent steel poles are wrapped in leather cord to create a tactile surface.


Its X-shaped frames bear a resemblance to Ludwig Mies van der Rohe's Barcelona Chair from 1929. The profiles of both designs evoke the curule seat used in Ancient Rome by high-ranking political and military officials.


FK 82 X-Chair in Black Leather


FK 82 X-Chair in Brown Leather

Keywords in the article: FK 82 X -Chair is designed by Preben Fabricius & Jorgen Kastholm in 1968.

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