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DELO SOFA teaches you how to avoid damage to leather sofas by moths

I believe that everyone is not unfamiliar with leather sofa products. As a very popular sofa product at the moment, the popularity and application rate of leather sofas have also increased in recent years. Many people think that leather sofas are a symbol of status. But when using a leather sofa, a little carelessness will cause moth damage, so how to avoid moth damage to the leather sofa? Let's follow DELO SOFA to learn more about how to avoid moth damage to the leather sofa.

1. For areas that have not been affected by moths, first brush the surface of the wooden cabinet with shellac paint, which can isolate the air from moths and achieve the purpose of moth prevention. Note that the front and back of the furniture and the inner wall of the wooden cabinet should be painted evenly.

2. For the moth-eaten area, first mix dichlorvos with water at a ratio of 1:5, and put it into the sprayer to spray 3 to 5 times. Let the liquid infiltrate into the wooden cabinet and kill all the moths after 8 hours. . Then wash the furniture with clean water, and then place it in the sun.


3. Use a brush dipped in diesel oil to paint on the moth-eaten furniture, place it in the sun for two to three hours, then apply it again, and wait until the moths die in the hole. Finally, wash with detergent liquid and dry.

4. If the furniture has been eaten by insects on a large area, it is recommended to abandon the furniture directly, otherwise it will affect the use of the furniture or bring safety hazards; if one side or an area is affected by insects, you can directly use the material. Replace.

DELO has its own factory, and most of its products are manufactured on a large scale, which not only improves product quality, but also saves 30% of the cost, thereby achieving high cost performance. Based on the company's 21 years of ODM business, integrating hundreds of supply chains, directly importing materials from the origin, DELO furniture's high-quality standards, emphasis on credit and other characteristics, make the brand the target of cooperation among many businesses.

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