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Corona Chair's Story


          This high quality reproduction Corona chair was originally designed in 1961 by designer Poul Volther.The floating elliptical elements of this chair are reminiscent of time-lapse photographs of solar eclipses -thus its name, 'Corona'. This beautiful reproduction is constructed with stainless steel frame with a high polish finish and upholstered with italian leather.


corona chair


          We are dealing the modern designer furniture since from 1999. The corona chair sell very well all the way. It was created by Poul M. Volther in 1962. We ever brought the original set from our customer from Denmark. Our reproduction of the Corona Chair is fully handcrafted using the finest materials such as Cashmere Wool or aniline leather and pure stainless steel legs. This stunning reproduction not only has the unmistakable look of Poul M. Volther, its as close as it can be to the original design.You will be enjoy it if you have it.


corona chair


          The Price of All the Corona Chair is competitive,as We are the big wholesaler in China. All the Corona Chairs are made with best materials,The quality is the same as the Brand shops. And we are also the Barcelona Chair Dealers and manufacturers in the China.Yadea high quality Stainless steel chair in aniline leather-100% Full Grain European Aniline Dyed Leather -the Stainless steel chair frame have been ground,sanded and sealed,the barcelona chair and Ottoman in Aniline Leather and Stainless steel.


corona chair

          I bought this chair in Cafe Noir along with the Corona sofa in Pear back in November "08. I have never written a review before but as I am in love with my new furniture I just had to share. I love the retro modern look of the sofa and chair. Not sure if I'd buy the Cafe Noir again though, love the color, but not the need to remove the visible cat hairs from it... I have a very bad back and need to rave about how comfortable this furniture is - better than any I have ever had before! I often fall asleep on the couch and do not wake up with a crick in my neck, and the chair is great for curling up in with a good book too. My cat would agree - minus the book of course! You will need a small decorative pillow to put behind your back though or you will find your feet dangling off the edge if you are short like me (5'4") as the sofa and chair are deep. Enjoy! I am.



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