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Yadea reproduction

Other reproductions
  • The cushions are made from the same fine dimensions as the orignal
  • The whole chair including the buttons, piping, back and the bottom of the chair are made with 100 full grain aniline leather
  • Pure solid stainless steel bar frame, polished to a mirror like finish
  • The cusions themselves are made from a durable high density foam that keeps its shape for many years to come
  • Supporting straps are made from thick leather for best durability.
  • 100% Full grain aniline leather, rather than wearing out will develop a patina over time.
  • Incorrect cushion dimensions give this reproduction a very bulky look
  • The piping, buttons, back of the chair are usually constructed of Pleather, the result is a product that falls apart just after 3-6 months.
  • Cheap reproductions are often constructed with lower grade leather
  • The polish work on the frame is uneven and usually made with very thin steel.
  • The poor quality cushions becomes saggy and loses its shape in just a short period.
  • Straps are constructed with flimsy PU leather.

Reproduction Comparison

Yadea reproduction

Other Reproductions
  • True to original. Front and rear chair side corners and top and bottom corners on back have no seams. 1 piece of leather is used and sewn together at a singler center point in the back
  • True to original. The rear seat cushion edge features an angular contour cut to compliment the angle of the frame
  • True to original.  The chair base features 9 support straps and ottoman features 7
  • The corners of all sides are sewn indivdually, this is the easiest way to spot a cheap reproduction.
  • The square shape of the cushion does not sit flush with the frame
  • The number of straps varies, as the more corners they cut the more profit
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