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Classic Modern Furniture VS New Design

No matter what industry it is, the phenomenon of supersession of the old by the new is always exist, and disputes will follow. For instance, classic and new design, which do you prefer? And the attitude to the old and new will be different because of different industries. If it is in electronics industry, the uptodate product will be more popular than the old. But if it comes to jewelry, there will be much more different, the jewelries after years of ageing are classic and precious.
As for modern furniture, such boundary is not so obvious. Think about it, you can find many types of furniture distributors, there is Herman Miller that sale Eames lounge chair for several decades, also buy modern style furniture of new design and ideas from Poliform, actually most furniture from these two company has the same value. Certainly, people have different tastes, some like somethings classic or retro, other people like fresh things or something high-tech.
We can treat the issues from another point of view, no matter for distributors, or manufacturers, even for consumers, the preference to old or new furniture is not a bad thing, the more fierce of the interior competition indicate that the industry is getting better and promote the development of modern furniture so that more furniture is accepted by mass people.
After so much talking, Yadea will show you two furniture made by ourself, one is the Eames lounge chair, the another is the Jane Armchair by Poliform in 2017. Hope you like them all.



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