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Cantiveler Chair S33 Mart Stam Design Furniture


The S33 Chair by Mart Stam was the first cantilever chair design in furniture history, characterised by its pure, simple and original shape. He is the first to have used the principle of the Cantilever chair (a chair which does not require 4 legs). To create this chair, he combined a tubular steel structure (for the base) with a wooden shell (for the seat and backrest which are covered in leather).

They were used for the first time in 1927 in the Weissenhof-Siedlung in Stuttgart. Mart Stam began experimenting with gas pipes in 1925. He connected the piping with flanges and developed the principle of cantilevering chairs that no longer rest on four legs. Interestingly, at the time, Stam was not that interested in the flexing effect of bent tubular steel, a technique that would soon become instrumental in the Bauhaus school of design. Initially, his focus was on the simplicity of the form, which perfectly fit in with the modern buildings of the time.
— The S33 is available in an elegant chocolate-brown, black Italian/Aniline leather upholstery.
— The cantilever S33 chair is made of synthetic materials, tied on a tubular polished stainless steel frame.
— Functional and elegant, the S33 chair fits into a work and home environment.
Tubular S33 Chair
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