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Buy replica Tulip Chair from Yadea factory


                 This replica Tulip Chair is famous for the curvaceous impression it made back in 1956. Eero Saarinen made history with its pedestal base as the first one legged chair. It is a pure expression of modernism and is as popular today as it ever was.

replica Tulip Chair

replica Tulip Chair


                 We call it the Tulip Chair. Hipsters tell us they look groovy. They fit perfectly over your standard Saarinen or Burke armless Tulip chair cushions. Made from premium quality Tuscany velour, they have a plush look and soft feel to compliment your classic replica Tulip Chair, plus they feature high-strength elastic so you'll get a snug and wrinkle-free fit. Why buy an expensive tulip seat cushion when you can dress them up for so much less? Available in a medley of far out colors.


replica Tulip Chair and table

replica Tulip Chair and table


                 The replica Tulip Chair looks delectable as a dining chair with minimal modern furnishings and a table that is subtle enough to let this chair do all the talking.


Tulip Chair and table

Tulip Chair and table


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