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Be Careful for Your Leather Sofa

More and more people would like to choose a leather sofa instead of fabric one because of its unique characteristics. Of all other attributes, leather furniture has been able to carry forward its centuries’ old legacy because of its durability. Though it is known to be highly withstanding against wear and tear, it still needs appropriate cleaning and care to live through the years with you.

1 Just like any other natural material, leather furniture when exposed to direct sunlight for prolonged periods of time, tends to fade. To make sure your leather furniture grows in its natural gleam with years of usage, avoid direct sunlight exposure.
2 Similarly, close contact with a heat source can damage the surface properties of leather. Leather upholstered furniture items should be placed at a safe distance from heat sources.
3 Unlike what many people believe, leather surfaces are not resistant to animals. Pets can easily scratch and distort leather surface with their claws and jaws, which can lead to expensive repair. Moreover, most of them have acidic saliva, which can also damage the leather finish.
Remember these, your leather sofa in your living room can be used longer.

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