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4B building,228 Industrial area,Henggang town,Longgang district,Shenzhen,China

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Anyone know a good place are to get furniture in Shenzhen?


                  Can anyone recommend any areas in Shenzhen or warehouses etc.. where to go? I speak basic conversational mandarin which should help things a bit.

                  I want buy some modern classic furniture from Shenzhen, such as danish designer furnitures

                  A friend of mine has visited China Yadea Furniture Company showroom in Shenzen, and bought some home and office furniture from them and regards to purchasing from China Yadea company. he said theres modern classic furniture is good and cheap.

                  I'm interested in ordering some furniture from shenzhen. I'm live in Hong Kong. If you have any idea, please give me some suggestions.Thanks a bunch! 

                  I want buy some replica modern classic furniture like this.


modern classic furniture - Barcelona chair

modern classic furniture - Barcelona chair




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