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Aniline Leather Barcelona Chair

     Originally designed in 1929 for the Barcelona World Exposition, the Aniline Leather Barcelona chair is the result of a collaboration between architectural idols Ludwig Mies van der Rohe and his partner, Lilly Reich, whose contributions have only recently been acknowledged.

     Commonly perceived as an icon of Bauhaus Architecture, the Aniline Leather Barcelona Chair was inspired by ancient Roman folding chairs. It has steadily enjoyed an increase in popularity and presence in exclusive residential interiors, with Mies van der Rohe having always maintained the Aniline Leather Barcelona Chair is an important artistic statement to be revered.

     Initially, the Aniline Leather Barcelona Chair utilised chrome plated steel to suspend leather cushion on straps; however the chair was re-designed by Mies van der Rohe in 1950 to reflect the new technology accessible as a direct result of post war industries. The Aniline Leather Barcelona chair now features a continuous stainless frame and hand-made leather cushions.

     In the contemporary setting, Mies van der Rohe Barcelona Chairs are considered a status symbol; accordingly, our Replica Mies van der Rohe Barcelona Chair is a close reproduction, utilising similar specifications and manufacturing standards.

Barcelona chair

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