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3D Print This Miniature Eames Lounge Chair!

     Here's some music to our ears: an Eames Lounge Chair for $25! Ah, beautiful furniture for the masses, just how the modernist duo always wanted it. The only catch is that the chair is a 1:20 miniature, so you can't really sit in it so much as it can sit on your desk. But the fact that it is 3D-printed and now available on Shapeways sort of makes up for it.
     The lounge chair and ottoman set is just one of two Eames designs that Shapeways user KSpence has scripted for our enjoyment, the other being Charles and Ray's LCW molded plywood chair. These scaled models of mid-century icons (which come in various sizes) bring attention to the Eames's thoughtful manipulation of form and material. The fact that these collectibles are 3D-printed, however, offers a bit of a funny paradox: While the Eames were working precisely within the limits of malleable plywood and plastics back in the 20th century, today, rapid prototyping has seemingly freed us from these design limitations, yet we continue to revisit technically dated forms.
     Clearly, this is not without reason. Many of the Eames's designs have stood the test of time, making this miniature Eames Lounge Chair an "awesome source of inspiration or a great gift for a designer friend." And it's only a matter of time before regular-sized Eames chairs can be printed into existence, so hang tight.

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